How iHeartMedia Uses
Broadcast Data to Strengthen Their
Influencer Marketing

iHeartMedia has dominated the radio and podcast spaces nationally for years.
It’s only natural that they’re now gaining strides in influencer marketing, the next frontier of personality-based distribution.

 “CreatorIQ allows us to ingest our broadcast talent, helping us gain a deeper understanding of their social audience through real-time data.”

Jeff Silber Head of Digital Monetization, iHeartMedia 

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The Challenge

With larger reach than any other media company in the U.S., iHeartMedia is at the forefront of the broadcast industry. The transformational enterprise has succeeded in creating a hybrid model that mixed broadcast radio with digital mediums like podcasts -- but they needed a way to better bind traditional and emerging channels. iHeart’s team realized the influence of digital creators could be a powerful common currency, but they lacked the technology needed to act on it.

The Solution

iHeartMedia leveraged the power of CreatorIQ’s Social CRM to ingest proprietary data and gain a deeper understanding of their talent’s social audiences. With rich, real-time insights at their fingertips, teams could plan, activate, and measure program effectiveness across every distribution channel.

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