Why Social Media Platforms Are Playing A Role In UI/UX Decisions

Sep 17, 2020 - 2 min. read

More people are consuming short and snackable content than ever before, and the social platforms delivering this daily diet of content are conditioning them on what types of experiences to expect. This is not only upping the bar for user experience and user interface designs, but it’s reinforcing the pivotal part UX/UI play in any product.

That’s why allocating resources into UX and UI pays off tenfold. Every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return, and an average ROI of an incredible 9,900%, according to Forrester. A poor product user interface not only creates abandonment, but it trickles into bad brand prestige — damages that sometimes can be irreversible if a user doesn’t somehow give it a second chance.

Respect The Law

Because users spend most of their time perusing and browsing on a cavalcade of websites and devices, they prefer a platform to work the same way as all the other ones that they’re already familiar with. This is a core tenet of Jakob’s Law of UX, a collection of key maxims that designers should seriously consider when building user interfaces by.

After all, 80% of consumers are willing to pay for a better customer experience, according to Capgemini

This concept needs to be taken into consideration by all companies who embrace a digital presence as part of their brand’s DNA. The same goes for enterprise technology platforms — and CreatorIQ is no different. It’s instrumental and essential to our core.

That’s why we’re revamping and transforming UX to remain innovative and forward thinking with the times, with a particular emphasis on pioneering sophisticated and best in-class User Experience, Discovery, Data, Personalization, Scalability and Management.

User Experience Creates A Faster, More Intuitive Platform

CreatorIQ has instituted some instrumental and essential additions to our enterprise and in-house user experience features. Here’s what we’re exactly doing:

  • We recently launched a limited, beta version of an all-new, more modern experience of our platform. The New CreatorIQ Experience is a complete overhaul of the platform interface focused on simplicity, usability and performance.
  • We’ve upgraded user-facing elements to deliver easier navigation, better readability, and overall ease of use. With particular emphasis on Discovery, upgrades include new, crystal clear search and filtering capabilities, where a more intuitive organization and workflow helps users master Creator searches from the start.
  • Finally, we’ve retooled data performance within Discovery, which means that your much easier search and filtering also yields the strongest and most relevant results from both text and image criteria. Our data and performance improvements ensure that a better Discovery experience happens on both the front and back end.

According to Forrester, when UX improves the customer experience, it raises a company’s KPIs up to 83% in conversion lifts.

Pioneering customer experience leaders see evidence that by elevating the brand experience for influential creators via data-driven personalization of omnichannel strategies, they build stronger relationships and loyalty with a unique cohort increasingly influencing their brand equity.