Ranking Every Brand’s Influencer Marketing with Share of Influence

Oct 7, 2020 - 2 min. read

Where does your brand’s influencer marketing performance rank in your industry? CreatorIQ’s Share of Influence is a FREE share of voice leaderboard for influencer marketing. Get instant access.

With SOI, you can:

1. Understand your brand’s influencer marketing relative to your market
2. Dig into competitor’s top creators, posts, and campaign performance
3. Benchmark your brand against competitors, your industry, or yourself

What does SOI measure?

Share of influence considers the volume of creator activity, the realness of creators’ audiences, and the performance of content for each contender brand. Volume is represented by both the total number of unique creators and the count of branded posts they made. Realness considers the audience integrity of each influencer, determined by CreatorIQ’s active audience scoring methodology. And performance takes into account both the volume of different engagements and the engagement rates of a brand’s creator’s posts.

Let Σ = a social post
Let F = the followers of the creator who made that post
Let Aᵢ = the audience integrity of the creator who made that post
Let L = likes on that post
Let C = comments on that post
Let Bₙ = the count of all participating brands in the report

Where is your data from?

Share of Influence uses data from the core CreatorIQ platform, which processes tens of millions of creators and billions of posts. Every verified creator on Instagram and every creator with more than 50k followers is included, along with millions of smaller creators across multiple social platforms.

Unlike our competitors, CreatorIQ does not limit the conversation to a sampled panel of creators. Instead, we constantly add new discovered creators and content in an effort to take a monthly snapshot of the larger influencer marketing world.

How often are SOI reports updated?

Share of Influence data is currently refreshed once per month, typically on the ~4th or 5th day.

How do I see benchmarks for my industry?

There are multiple places to find benchmarks throughout the dashboard.